Comfortably Numb

Neil trying to ignore the new elephant in the room.
He hasn’t heard her running yet – let alone seen the little towbar.
Perfect for a small trailer. A cat-sized trailer. Each dawn and dusk we shall ride the line.


Two Wheels Good, Three Wheels Better

I’ve wanted one of these farming deathtraps since riding one as a kid in the 80’s.
This looks like it needs surprisingly little work – which means I shall be mowing around it for the next decade whilst it decomposes back into the earth whence it came.

Homemade Trike

This was parked outside my house in the shade the other weekend, very impressive. Hand built in 1991, the back half is a VW beetle.
After complimenting the guy on the excellent style, I asked why he chose to ride a trike rather than a bike? He tapped one of his legs, “knock knock knock” sounding rather wooden – lost a leg years ago in a bike accident.
“Lost a leg so gained a wheel” was his motto.