Ex House

River_Door_6638_smThis is the Good Ol’ River Road Flat.
Totally gone.
I put this cone about where my front door was, at the back around the driveway to the left.
So to my back is the river, and this is the forever-RED_ZONE.
A wide belt flowing alongside the river, never again to be built on.
(Yay say the ducks and geese!)
(old photo)


Sweeping Lawns

Alas poor River Road, I knew you so well.
Though for now, the Building is briefly reliving its stately past.
Built in the early 1900’s by a prominent Christchurch barrister… or maybe town-council member, to house him and his three spinster daughters.
On the far side of the house is the river, which wouldn’t have been interrupted then by the current soon-to-be-ex road, their lawn would have swept majestically down to it.
And on this side, there would have been uninterrupted expansive lawns like here.
Now that all the surrounding “new” houses have been demolished.
A nicely proportioned building that worked well as four flats – because it was built like that from the start for the four apartments.