Cow Race II

I hate to do this, but this is a much nicer crop.


Rooster Tail

I don’t know what this white powder is being spread by this truck – fertiliser or something else to encourage pasture growth.
It would be kind of a fun and satisfying truck driving job, spreading that huge rooster tail behind you – IF the cab was well sealed and air-conditioned.
Otherwise it’d be the worst truck driving job!
And look, snow on the mountains, I think it’ll stay and build up this time.

Cloudy Green

Cloudy Green

Currently the pastures around here are looking fantastic, best growth so far with ALL the rain, yet still warm Auntumn days like today.
This is down a track behind my across-the-road neighbours – so I’d guess, looking due-South.
Because I always kind of think of my triangle of land as a compass-needle, with the pointy end of the triangle due-North.
(note: I haven’t actually tested this theory with a real compass yet!)