Soulful Bass

She really likes anything with a deep groove, a good bassline and some heavy drums.
She really does NOT like abrasive metal vocals; but if it’s real death metal with great vocals that flow with the music, we’re all good.
But yelling for the sake of it, we do not like at all.
Volume is fine so long as it’s justified by the song.



Sticknado3878smWhen we were outside and I first started gathering kindling, and then cutting firewood, Nicks was VERY happy.
Then when I stacked it inside, I assume she thought tonight was gonna be more stick-playing than ever before!
Because Sticks, and Playing With Sticks, are her two favourites!
She’s ok now that they must be burnt for the good of the tribe.

Wood’s Good

It’s interesting in these days of complex alloys and plastics that nothing has surpassed wood, grown from the ground.
We couldn’t do without it.
Still one of the leading materials to build a house *and* all the furniture inside it. Not to mention all that paper in the world, for millennia it’s been leading, and still leads, the best way of archiving knowledge.
And still the best thing to burn for warmth, a heap like this is a very satisfying thing to see at the start of winter.