Piney Clean



Bold Steps

Neil has finally accepted this new lanky, muscular cat which has moved in may have some advantages.
He’s now spending more days down the back with us playing stick, and not being scared of those barking dogs. Or cats. These days, no strange cats seem to visit and hiss at Neil…
Here he did realise he was possibly going too far, venturing out into no-mans-land during daylight, while Nicks and I stopped at my back fence.

Young Blu’

young_blue_4044smShe’s so well trained!
“Roll your tongue!”
Boom, there you go.
Best Day Yet with her, she’s been totally un-shackled from daybreak, and she’s been PERFECT.
Obviously obsessed with tennis-ball fetch, but so long as I’m nearby, she just scampers around OUR backyard, totally ignoring any other dogs barking, or people walking past. Even when she runs out back with her bone, it’s only to sit in a few nests she’s made, inside our fence.
Amazingly well behaved!