Motivational Muscle

Motivational Muscle_8550_sm
For many many years I stopped going to car shows and reading classic car magazines, as it seemed like rubbing my face in the fact of what I’d never achieve for myself.
But this year I thought I’d try and use it as motivation: by the end of 2015 I want to at the very least buy my dream project car.
A c.1972-76 XA/XB Aussie Ford Falcon, in any condition.
Which will lead onto the following year’s motivation: restore the engine. Or paint it. Or whatever.
About ten years ago I had this discussion at the local pub with my neighbour, and he said “buy one now, find it and buy it now, even if you don’t have the money currently to restore, at least buy the project car NOW”.
Truer words have never been spoken – if I’d listened to him then, I’d have been spending $1000 rather than the $5000+ I need now – but it’s never gonna be a better time to buy than NOW.
Before I was looking for a 30 year-old car, now it’s a 40-year-old, they’re not getting any younger!
(p.s. this is the worst colour-scheme I’ve ever seen, cream vinyl roof and mustard-yellow).