Snow Fox

snow_fox3582smNeil isn’t a huge fan of snow.
It renders his main hunting asset useless, the asset which usually helps put him on top of the list of New Zealand’s Most Deadly Predator.
His camouflaged coat.
The creation of a hundred and more generations of natural selection since his ancestor hopped a ship mid-1800’s (?), to now perfectly match the farmed yet bushy environment around here.
Apart from on snow days!

Snow & Power

1997_Honda_Accord_3545blurredplate_SMThere’s already quite a dusting on the mountains – and tonight the predicted SNOWNADO hits!
The huge power supply is to feed the milk-powder plant nearby, for some reason they evaporate all the milk which is “grown” on the paddocks which surround me.
Less weight for shipping overseas I guess.



Quite an easy review with this one, it really tastes just like it says on the bottle. With more complex bursts of fresh raspberry and rich deep dark chocolate and such.
Note to people from far away: A “Chocolate Fish” is a local “treat” – a 15cm long raspberry marsh-mellow fish shape, covered in chocolate. Not a real fish.
No Fish Were Harmed for this beer.
No more than usual, at least, what with isinglass and all.