Snuggly Roof

blanket_roof_4277smThe roof looks all pliable and warm, like a woolen blanket.
Is what I tell myself.


Dog Chow

Nicks was happy to pose for this photo, and smile even!
For the past week she’s kept a very close eye on this bag, and now I’d bought it out from storage she was convinced that sometime soon, one of us was gonna tear it open.
The food weighs 20kg, she weighs 19kg, and this sackful fits perfectly into the green 60l storage bin – for ease of scooping out her 180g/1.5cups of food for breakfast and dinner, and “freshness”, as this is 55 days of food.

Young Blu’

young_blue_4044smShe’s so well trained!
“Roll your tongue!”
Boom, there you go.
Best Day Yet with her, she’s been totally un-shackled from daybreak, and she’s been PERFECT.
Obviously obsessed with tennis-ball fetch, but so long as I’m nearby, she just scampers around OUR backyard, totally ignoring any other dogs barking, or people walking past. Even when she runs out back with her bone, it’s only to sit in a few nests she’s made, inside our fence.
Amazingly well behaved!