Flowering Courgette

A delicious way of cooking courgettes and marrows, for the cheapest meal in the world – when you get given the veges and soy sauce for free.
Cut 25x 8mm slices of large courgette or small marrow, lay out 5×5 on a lightly oiled oven tray. Sprinkle with salt and curry powder, then flip over so both sides are a little oily.
Grill for c.7 minutes, pull out and flip them, then grill for another c.7 minutes.
Beware, during the final browning/blackening/burning time speeds up!
Such very sweet-yet-savoury excellence.

Recording Studio Mk.1

The only improvement to this recording setup would be an upgrade from the Nintendo DS’s frankly churlish limit of 16x ten second snippets of sound recording.
Come on, it’s 2008!
No worries for now, I have three more upstairs, but long-term using NDS’s may prove to be a problem.
Which is why I’m dying to make the switch to live-in-room recording onto cassette tape.
They record for hours.