Blow Piano

A 60’s Hohner Melodica.
Which Hohner invented in the mid-1950’s.
Is it a piano, or is it a wind instrument?
My test with a ten-year-old piano playing kid makes me think it’s closer to keyboard, as he could play a simple tune within minutes of seeing it.
It’s such a nice shade of green, which I’d call Zesty Avocado.

One More Day Closer

Finally got the Marshall Stack.
Now, all that’s stopping me is the inability to play a guitar.
Pffft childsplay. I mean, what could go wrong. I’m gonna approach at it trump-style: I had money to buy a guitar and amp, therefore I am now a guitarist. An AWESOME guitarist.
The rest will come to me once the curtains open and I’m at front-stage, about to hit that first note.
Oh wait, that’s my re-occurring nightmare. I think I will take lessons.
My dream for an amp was a massive old one. This 12″ near-new (hah I gently mocked the owner, telling him not to worry, I also will sell it on in three years time, virtually unused) beauty is the opposite, but on reflection it’ll be good, as I can take it to lessons. And it was cheap as hell. And made in Vietnam, I love Vietnam.
(P.S. I tried taking a photo of Neil with the amp, for scale; all he ended up taking was my blood).