Fairlane 500

This is the “limousine” edition of my favourite-ever car, the 1973 Ford Falcon XA.
The main difference is the boot which is longer by about… 3/10ths, to allow for extra golfclubs, etc. I think it throws the design a tiny bit compared to the original standard 4-door Falcon version.
Still, I’m pretty happy with this photo – the best car photo I’ve taken, I think.


4 thoughts on “Fairlane 500

    • yes, I took many, many photos, coming back four times for differenant angles and moods.
      It was finally hitting the correct car angle, whilst the great sea and sky lighting was still happening.
      And the surf ripple reflections along the front haunch of the Ford don’t hurt either.

  1. When Ilsa and her boyfriend came to visit us to Finland, he was only taking photos of CARS. Here I was trying to come up with nice places to take them to, when the most exciting place to him would perhaps have been a parking lot. I don’t get cars or car pictures. But this one has a nice background and colors I guess.

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