Little Dozer


I’m still not sure how old this is – it could be 1950’s, or it could be 1990’s or even newer? I’m usually quite good at guessing with machines, but this has me stumped.
It’s being used to create a new farm-driveway, which makes me think it’s new, as companies in the business of construction don’t mess around with old machines and their breakdowns.
BUT, the farmer may be creating it themself, and New Zealand farmers DO keep machinery going *forever*, especially something like this which they may only take out of the shed once every couple of years…


6 thoughts on “Little Dozer

  1. I have had a good long look at this, and no, I’m pretty sure it’s not as old as I am, so that rules out the 50’s! The squared shape that it has, would possibly suggest it is an 80’s piece of machinery? In the days of big shoulder pads in fashion, some cars and farm things went wide and sharp looking. Honestly, they did! But I don’t have a clue. I hope someone can come up with the answer..

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