2050 MM

this is what about 30 years knowledge measures.
Not including maps – maps are in a pile of their own.


9 thoughts on “2050 MM

  1. So you got a collection of maps as well, with the National Geographics? Why would anyone want to sell these things? Ian, Lois’s husband, collects maps from all over the world. Great photo, by the way…

    • No, the maps and suppliments come inside the magazines, sometimes once a year, sometimes every second month.
      I could now totally wallpaper a room with them, like in the “We Need To Talk About Kevin” movie.

    • hah I’d forgotten that idea – if would look awesome, and I guess I could use a multitude of drawing-pins rather than glue?
      Maybe my games-room when it’s complete.

  2. First thing I noticed was the old console, I’m not positive what it is though…

    Most of my books were placed in storage containers a while back. Turns out I own over 120 litres of books.

    • This one’s a Hanimex, but I also have a Fountain Force 2 which is the same – pretty much the first generation of tv consoles in NZ, where every game, no matter how exciting it sounds on the box, looks like Pong. c.1976-79?

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