MG Metro

Not a favourite amongst the “cloth-cap-classic” Ye Olde MG drivers.
But I’ve always thought what MG did mildly well post-war with their topless English sports cars, Triumph did with much more panache and much more power.
So I had no “MG” love prior to this:
1984 MG Metro. The best year, the only great body, and the 1300 was adequate.
Like many cars made during this time in Britain, the guy doing the wiring either did it on his Friday afternoon, or he was away on a Union Sanctioned long weekend in the spa baths of Brighton, and the tea lady just sellotaped the wires together.
But overall, a fantastic car, it WAS the pinnacle of the 1959 Mini’s engine design/front-wheel-drive layout.
With a hot engine it had pep, handling and more style than early Hot Hatches.
The one car I may actually revive one day.


3 thoughts on “MG Metro

  1. How beautifully written! I loved the MG Metro, and we have Owen to thank for that. And.. Princess Dianne’s Dad brought her one when she turned 21. I recall reading that. While I love your attached photo, why don’t we have one to share of the MG Metro to be (possibly) restored?

    • Very nice – Diana must have had one of the early ones, 21 in 1982! There is pap footage out there (maybe on youtube) of her when she was a kindergarten teacher, scuttling away from the press in her Metro 🙂
      Actually the internet now showed me that yes she did have an early Metro, with the same cool 2-door and aggressive-nosed bodyshape, but hers, although red, was branded Austin.
      Your MG has much nicer go-fast black stripes and a bigger engine!

      • Again I quote Owen…. He told me about the bigger engine, it being a two door, ( safe to a degree)…. and I have a vague memory about Austin versus the MG Metro? Again, let’s save ours…

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