Sheep Stalking

I’ve finally cracked the problem of photographing sheep: they’re the most skittish of all farm animals I’ve seen, you just can’t get close o them on foot – and I don’t have much zoom on my camera!
But, I lowered the windows on the car and then siddled it up on the side of the road, right beside them. And as long as I made no fast movements inside the car, they really didn’t seem to see me.
Lambs are great, I now hope it really doesn’t snow hard here this winter, it’s totally Spring with lambs in paddocks.


5 thoughts on “Sheep Stalking

    • No, this fence is right next to a main-ish road, so they ignore cars.
      I think that if I creep up, ever-so-quietly, wearing the dripping skin of their recently disemboweled mother, they wouldn’t react so calmly.
      Maybe they would be fooled – but it’d still spoil the overall “vibe” of the pics with bloodied muzzles.

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