Brewday End

I really need to get:
one pig
ten chickens
three small goats or,
dozens and dozens of pigeons.
This is the “spent grain” pile after brewday – we’ve sucked all the malts/sugars out to make into beer, but there’s surely still much grainy-goodness here?


4 thoughts on “Brewday End

    • hmm, no, it really has been stripped of all its suagr, it mainly is just barley fibres.
      YES I have obviously looked at baking bread/biscuits/cakes from this steaming hot wet spent-grain, I was happy to see many recipes for using it;
      BUT they all required me to dry my grain, in my oven, using power.
      AND they mainly offered a 1/3 ratio of grain + usual bought flour.
      SO there seemed a poor ratio of extra money to spend vs. using up a tiny bit of used-grain.

  1. Just wouldn’t be worth the time and money invested in it, to cook something, as it honestly may not even be edible at the end. The horses you visit would probably like it in it’s raw state..

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