Cow Mosh

Cow Mosh

I really should have taken a video rather than photos, as these don’t really illustrate the hemmed-in, claustrophobia that I felt being in the middle of quite a large herd of cows.
They really didn’t care about my car, it was up to me to avoid them.
I forgot it was “shifting day” for cows around about now, when people who own a cow herd but not the land move to their new pastures hired – they all do it the same time of the year, which does make sense. It’s called Gypsy Day!


4 thoughts on “Cow Mosh

  1. Great photos and I imagine you would feel hemmed in and surrounded! Seems the cows aren’t the slightest bit concerned about cars. I had only heard about gypsy day a couple of years ago, and on the TV weather last night they were warning motorists about all the stock being moved around on the country roads.

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