The Game

The Game

I’m pretty sure we latched onto rugby as our “national game” for the same reason as every other country chose theirs: it’s the one “we” actually win at most often!
Statistically though, in NZ now there are many more young kids playing soccer than rugby (worried cosseting parents), so rugby may decline in a couple more decades.


5 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Your comment is so true, and dare I say this, Dad and I encouraged you to play soccer, (now renamed football), as we weren’t too keen to see you get your head kicked in, or suffer a broken back, in the grand old game of Rugby..

    • yet as a kid after one year at soccer, and although I enjoyed the game more, I switched to rugby for the next two years as that’s what ALL my friends were playing.

  2. I have to say soccer is much simpler to follow… maybe apart from safetiness, its relative simplicity (which helps in having an attentive audience!), and the fact that it’s much more “international” (with more countries playing it), is another factor to soccer’s rising popularity? It must be cheaper, too, as in, less protective gear to buy.

    • pah, you are thinking of usa-gridiron-football with all their girlie protective pads and helmets.
      Rugby is the same uniform as soccer i.e. just shorts, shirt and boots.

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