Mixing Paint

Mixing Paint

Part II.
I’ve now refined the bottle-top idea, I’ve affixed (with double-sided tape) two rows of 11 caps to an old plastic ruler – the one with sloping edges.
When using, even a tiny bit of paint is easy to get at, being pooled in the lowest edge.
Also, the paint in each bottle-top dries at the low outside edge, thus easy to use again another day with just a wet brush/or more water added.


4 thoughts on “Mixing Paint

  1. MUCH better than the plastic mixing-paint dish thingie I have! I feel gulty messing it up, this looks so practical and perfect! I’ll have to encourage Teijo to drink more beer with bottle tops :p

    • I just did it because I don’t yet have a plastic dish thingie… but it does work surprisingly perfectly!
      The edges of the caps are extra-good for wiping excess liquid off. I haven’t even discarded any caps, as you can re-use the dried paint next time with a little water.

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