House Bus

House Bus

My friend plans to get one when her youngest is old enough to leave at home, to travel around with her giant dog.
It’s always sounded appealing, where-ever you stop, you have your own home!
But I don’t think Neil would like it AT ALL, his home is both this house, and his forest, and his grasslands.


2 thoughts on “House Bus

  1. Neil has the best life ever, an amazing old church to live in, and a huge section full of trees and interesting things. And you! He has it all. I could never see him being happy living in a house bus… And neither could I imagine my Missy coping either. I do know a couple who live in a house bus, travelling around NZ, have done so now for at least five years, and they have a Siamese cat who lives with them. Whenever they leave the bus they put her on a lead, and she just lets them take her around, as one would, a dog…..

  2. Not all of us are built to be nomadic that way, but of course, there’s only one way to find out and usually that way involves just giving it a go, with the risks it entails. I like home. I don’t know if “home” would be as nice if it wasn’t a fixed place with a fixed view.

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