Suckling Foal

Suckling Foal

Finally definitive proof that this is mother & child.
I kept questioning the fact, as the foals legs seem almost as long as his mothers! Maybe the father was larger (yet surely still a miniature pony father, I wouldn’t think they’d interbreed with full-size horses).


12 thoughts on “Suckling Foal

    • That is actually true – she now looks super-nice every day.
      It’s interesting how she no longer hangs around with the big horses, they still share a paddock but her and the foal seem to keep to themselves now.

  1. Her life is now complete, and she has her baby to enjoy and look after. I just looked back at the July photos again, and she looked a bit of a mess really, all dishevelled (winter coat of course) and sort of angry. Hard to believe that it is the same pony!

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