Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore

This is down on the banks of the Waimakariri River – the river I’ve taken photos of from up on that huge high bridge.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m SO glad we don’t have crocodiles, alligators or snakes in this country!


5 thoughts on “Rocky Shore

  1. I am so glad too that we don’t have any of the above mentioned! Australia is so close to us, and they have all of them, plus more!

    • I know, it’s such crazy luck that none of them floated over here. I would never set foot near a river in Aussie!
      This river looks like it’s incredibly deep really close to shore, but it still looks peaceful. I think it’s a favourite of jetboaters and fishermen.
      It was really nice down here, first time I’ve driven down, it was totally empty of people and so calm.
      And I got to do shingle-road driving down and back up the track, which is ALWAYS fun 😛

    • It was a nice interlude as I was coming home.
      Peaceful; yet check out “Chocolate River” from September – the road I drove down is on the far-right of that photo, and where I took this photo is about 1/4 of the way from the right-hand bank, *under* the churning brown river.
      (And I found a fantastic rock which looks just like a cow’s heart).

  2. True! It’s almost kind of strange, like NZ has a protective nature dome over it. No nasty spiders either. Ok, the spiders can be explained, but why would NZ have whales and dolphins and penguins instead of sharks and alligators? There must be a scientific explanation. Grr, but again, distracted by your conversation- the river is beautiful, and a more peaceful angle than previously seen.

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