Coal Train

Coal Train


13 thoughts on “Coal Train

      • Really? I was only counting what I could see, and of course the entire train and carriages wasn’t in the photo. Was it heading to Lyttelton to possibly unload all the coal onto the awaiting ships? I think most of the coal is exported to China..

  1. I only use the edit function when I suspect I have made a mistake, therefore some things slip through… Do you use it for everything you write to “send?”

    • I only really edit when a mistake means my message will be misinterpreted or flat out incomprehensible… but I’ve been scolded for fixing my message on a subsequent message rather than editing the first (by T., of course). I don’t see the problem, it’s not like people’s fingers are going to get tired from scrolling down a bit more.

      ANYHOW- nice picture. Very “Fire Nation” (reference to a cartoon called Last Airbender).

      • Heh he’s got a vendetta against it. Aaaand I’m no longer sure Airbender was the most adequate of recommendations- I definitely have a soft spot for them and I’m now on my 4th rewatching (now dubbed in Finnish!) but maybe you should leave that until you run out of other things to watch (like Broen!).

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