Art Horse

Art Horse

“Cloud Horse” is taken from quite a distance, with my full 5x optical zoom lens.
But then there’s an additional “digital zoom” option, which is this one. I was curious how close it’d get.
I usually never ever use digital zoom, as it’s never good, it’s a computer interpolating pixels, it’s not “real life”.
(note – this would be a bit clearer if I was resting the camera on a fence, but it still looks kind of cool).


4 thoughts on “Art Horse

  1. and yes, obviously I should’ve taken a photo with zero-zoom, of the whole hillside. For comparison.
    I almost went back this afternoon to do just that – but also obviously, I then realised the horses would not still be still grazing on that ridge.

  2. That photo is more than “cool” no matter how you gained it. You produce photos that perplex, me re the camera you are using. You certainly are getting the best out of it. Clearly you know how to use it to it’s/your maximum gain!

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