Lush Gorse

Lush Gorse

The gorse is blooming well this year.
It’s a pest species – like rabbits, introduced by early farmers who just did NOT think their ideas through well enough!


2 thoughts on “Lush Gorse

  1. Rabbits were brought over for hunting fun; then they realised “Golly Gosh, those darn rabbits are ruining all our sheep pastures” (as they had no natural predators, unlike back home in England/Europe).
    So they introduced ferrets and stoats – which are killing machines who soon decided our land dwelling birds are easier prey, with no defense against predators (as before there were none).
    The joke is, we’re just lucky they didn’t then introduce wolves or tigers, to deal with the darn pesky ferrets and stoats!

  2. Thank God they didn’t introduce wolves, tigers, and possibly the odd snake or two. I know gorse is a real pest in NZ, but my two favourite colours are in this beautiful photo here. Yellow and green = perfection to me

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