High Street

High Street

I think this is the top end of High Street – nice little quirky shops that… never really lasted long.


6 thoughts on “High Street

  1. :-O Shocking! It’s almost like they remain as a monument to destruction itself. I would have imagined the nice community-minded kiwis would volunteer to clean up the ruins and mess? It looks a bit dangerous. Do you happen to have a “before” photo as well?

    • The Globe cafe. This is all a fenced off danger-zone, you can’t just walk in with a broom and start tidying up 😛
      Something will be rebuilt – in many cases owners are still dealing with insurance payouts, as well as the council, which is trying to give the new central layout sort of “zones”, so is trying to guide what’s being built where.
      Pah it’ll never be the same, there’ll never be all these little quaint, cheap-to-rent shops for small businesses old and new.

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