Central Christchurch

Central Christchurch

There’s still so much to do, so much sitting idle.


3 thoughts on “Central Christchurch

  1. I haven’t seen almost any picture of the changes in the city after the earthquake. I can see why maybe it’s not something you’d enjoy photographing, but as an outsider it’s fascinating. I guess specially the more time passes by… obviously some things are prioritized. What has been prioritized in rebuilding, do you think? And who is responsible for it- each building’s individual owner, or?

    • Today is the third anniversery of the first quake, which makes it seem like things are taking so long to get started on the rebuild.
      The national government, the local government and the private building owners are sort of all responsible, and sort of bickering.
      Of course checking the land is now stable/demolition of dangerous buildings takes ages too.
      People said it’d take a decade, OR more, for the heart of the city to get back to life, I can now agree with that.

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