No Walking.

No Walking.

The curvaceous yet angular, awkward but nicely distinctive rear is what I’ve always admired in the model of my new 19-year old Swedish beauty.
That, and Jerry Seinfeld drove one in his tv show.
The Saab 900S.


5 thoughts on “No Walking.

    • Yes, I can drive to new walking zones, that is really a plan.
      Also, being a supermarket fan K, you’ll like that this is a quickly-taken photo in the light rain (which always looks clean!) and it’s parked outside my “local” (20mins drive away) rural-town small Supermarket, on a “busy” Saturday afternoon. So the closest 12 spaces were full. I had to park a little-bit further, near the grass.
      It did make for a nice photo backdrop 🙂

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