Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire


10 thoughts on “Barbed Wire

  1. Gosh that barbed wire is vicious looking, isn’t it! Am I right or wrong with this question? Was a New Zealander responsible for the barbed wire fence? I remember a farmer in Cornwall, (UK) telling me that was the case a couple of years ago, … I was going for a walk in the early evening, and came across him sleeping on the side of the road. Of course, I asked if all was OK, and then realised that he was totally drunk, and he told me he was too scared to go home, as he had been drinking since 8am! Hence my accent, which led to the barbed wire story … Fact, or his fiction?

    • I don’t know if it’s fact or fiction – but that’s a really great “walking in the countryside” story!
      NZ did invent the first reliable version of an electric-fence.

  2. Well, the electric fence story is believable, and you always know your facts. Re the barbed wire story, I hadn’t given that episode in my life a lot of attention, until I saw your photo today. (The drunk farmer lived only about 300 metres from where I discovered him), but was paralysed, in the true sense, of the word, to return to his home. And…. there is a footnote…. in the 10 mins I spent talking to him, and offering support, he asked me to marry him!…

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